Friday, May 15, 2009

Hmmm........Well after two months of looking for a job I found one. Its a shitty job but a job is a job I suppose anyhow im not done looking for a job because i dont want to work here at all.........HMMM well i went to puc sselmottobbottomless cup had a pretty good time except this crazy girl who, lets just say she is a head case. she needs to be put in a padded room. anyhow i managed to pawn her off on one of my friends and twenty minutes after they left the bar he called me to see if id pick him up...LOL... I tried to warn him she is crazy guess he found out first hand. any way thats all i got

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Un titled cause i forgot and had to come bac and doit

well if i was to blog about something i guess i really dont have any ideas i also hope you not looking for perfect spelling or punctuation cause its not going to happen especialy from me cause im simple so lets keep it simple what do you think of that? oops a punctuation any how its not really like it really matters cause only two people read this damn thing anyhow my sis and a coworker of hers no offense coworker......this is were you say none takin.... and i say good so i am going to attempt to mow the yard tomorrow how in the hell do you get motivated for that the yard is fricken huge and i have to piock up "doggy suprises" firstdamn it happend again anyhow now im really not going to want to get out of bed cause now i have something i need to do. may damn again i made a period haha may if i damn what am i thinking about oooo reward myself afterwards with something that might get the job done but the job wont get done if i start rewarding myself in the middle of it that or the mower lines will probably stagger back and forth ah who cares what it looks like as long as the yard gets cut right? anyhoe im finished thanks again for reading and come back sum time ya her

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Xause I felt it would make her be quite

I did this to get my sister off my back. She said she needed a blog to read that was long well it wont be long but i bet it shuts her up for a little bit. Maybe when she found out I was doing this
she was really too excited. I thought she might even pee a little you kinda like dogs do when they get really happy I call it "HAPPY PEE" any how do you think this is long enough or should i ramble on about more stuff? Hmmm? Well why not Do you think this is long enough or not?
so now im typing with one hand cause im eating killa dog "chocolate" Im not really sure what your suppose to write in these things so hmm well my ice cream cone is good bet your getting up to get one now huh? you know you want to welllllll this all i have for right now thanx for reading hope you enoyed come back if you want more ..........